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05/29/02 - 00:01:07 GMT

NameNiklas Angebrand URL LocationSweden

You guys claim to be smart, and I don't doubt it much. I was just wondering what the world's smartest guys would think of the Open Source community. Is it good or bad? Will it serve the world and help equalize the differences between poor and rich, dumb and smart, evil and good, or will it just make life harder for those who try to make a living on coding? Feel free to post the reply in the forum for the previously mentioned website.

05/28/02 - 07:02:11 GMT

Namescott daniels Locationlos angeles

hey justin, how do you know if that's the real scott b. durgin? you might be debating some impostor!

05/26/02 - 18:27:29 GMT

NameHolly Rieger LocationHilliard OH

however i did add to him that i am a good guesser but i have to when communicating to understand things i have to know precisely what someone is asking ne way,holly.

05/26/02 - 18:25:24 GMT

NameHolly Rieger LocationHilliard OH

well...I took nicolas elena's iq tests and emailed my answers to him and he said they were all correct but he believes i am a good guesser and highly intelligent but that i feel his tests more than understand them the test i speak of is the matrix b which i maxed out at 200 the other one(his new one) i just took i maxed it out and have just sent my answers which he has claimed to me will eliminate the guessing and is extremely difficult the matrix c and its ceiling is 180!whew!give me a holla i would like to join this club and am working on the test for genuis but i dont think my score will qualify me holly.

05/26/02 - 07:42:56 GMT


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05/24/02 - 12:27:49 GMT

NameJustin Emailjdane@mac.com_nospam LocationCanada

Funny, I have solved the Schrodinger equation countless times and am familiar with far more math and physics than you credit me with; I am both a physicist and an engineer. To say that egyptian mytho-mystycism constitutes mathematical underpinnings is ridiculous. Contrast that with Daoist cosmology and what things they associate with the same numbers. (Or, for that matter, any primitive, metaphysicaly fluffy association with things and numbers.) Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the rich culture that such things provide and do consider myself to be a scholar of their ideas. To the point of fitting a mathematical function to any shape with an infinitude of terms, I counter that it is you who does not understand the math you are using for how does the very math of Schrodinger's wave mechanics work? The entire concept of a fourier series relies on the FACT that ANY n-dimensional waveshape can be reconstructed by an infinite series in n-dimensions. Solutions to Schrodinger's and other partial differential equations are almost always some infinite series save for a few "easy" ideal cases. This is proven by people greater than myself and, I'm sorry, there is no disputing it. Your points on unity, duality, growth, etc are universal concepts that relate to universal truths; it is trivial to relate them to anything in life. Regardless, I believe that to 'toot one's own horn' with a ONE DIMENSIONAL score of "intelligence" that bases one's "one in a billion" standing on a seriously flawed understanding of the limits of the mathematics of statistics is grounds enough to destroy one's own claim. If you are truly as intelligent as you claim, then why are you even associating yourself with this group of posers on a website that was designed by (it looks like) a six year old? It just doesn't add up.

05/21/02 - 18:12:04 GMT

NameVinit Adya LocationUSA

The site is rather simple for the society which caims to be "One in a Billion". Think of something really innovative, somting which just shows as "The work of a Genious"

05/06/02 - 19:50:13 GMT

Namescott Locationnew england

Thank you for your comments. Your criticism is misplaced, however, and this is partly because I was incomplete in my commentary to which you refer. When I said “nearly everything” in the universe has mathematical underpinnings (please note I said “nearly”) I was not referring to newton's mathematics or heisenberg's mathematics or any mathematics that is an invention of man/woman in order to make sense of the world. (indeed I agree with what you imply: that math is essentially a SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE, CREATED by us and used to make predictions/understand ourselves, etc. In essence it is an attempt to bring the universe DOWN to our level. ( it can be argued that math is the superior language (when compared with other languages) in this regard but that is not germane.) the mathematics I was referring to was PYTHAGOREAN/EGYPTIAN (basically the numbers 1 through 9 is ALL you need and all I was talking about). This math calls to mind the concepts of UNITY (1), DUALITY OR DIVISION (2), RELATION (3), MANIFESTATION OR MATERIALITY (4), CREATION (5), FRAMEWORK (TIME AND SPACE, 6), GROWTH (7), and RETURN, UNITY, (8). You need to get a little more acquainted with egyptian symbolism, hebrew orthography/qabalism and ancient greek philosophy and math, as well as the relations between them in order to fully understand what I am talking about.
5 fold symmetry is EXACTLY what I had in mind when I used the term 'mathematics'. The fact that 5 fold symmetry exists on the small scale is a BEAUTIFUL confirmation that PYTHAGOREAN mathematics (what i was talking about) underlies most of nature. The fact that some crystals exhibit icosahedral and dodecahedral (the two platonic solids with beautiful 5 fold characteristics) symmetry actually PROVES MY POINT. Those solids are the most comprehensive and beautiful confirmation that ‘mathematics' underlies ALL. So, sorry to mislead you.
It also appears that you have not had much experience with either pythagorean or platonic math, nor any modern (post newton) math/physics. Heisenberg's relation is a great (post newton) mathematical encapsulation of the uncertainty principle, non-pythagorean as it is. The predictive qualities of math are by no means quashed. They are just REDEFINED to be in the realm of probabilities instead of “certainties”. Have you ever actually solved schroedinger's equation for one particle? Two? Have you studied (not read, STUDIED) any Feynman? David Bohm? Paul Dirac? The practice of doing this will bring an appreciation for how people INVENT and RE-INVENT the language of math in order to make sense of the (in this case, atomic) world. Equations and mathematical relations are intended to call to mind the impressions of physical phenomena. Their invention is an attempt to actually SOLVE problems (and sometimes create them). I would suggest that if you believe that solving problems on paper is nonsensical, then you have probably never really tried to solve any problem, period, whether its designing a bridge or plane, or solving a marital dispute. If you believe that one can add an infinitude of terms to an equation to match any shape than you have not studied functions, nor do you have an understanding of ‘phi' or ‘e'. the fact that the ‘phi' series approximates many natural phenomena is a wonder in itself as man had little to do with the development of ‘phi'. it was more a discovery (as far back as egypt anyway) than an invention
You are, in my opinion, quite right about practicing tests in order to improve one's performance, but it does not apply in my case, as paul's test was one of the first I ever took. In fact I am emphatic about my NOT being ANY SORT of genius nor do I consider myself any “smarter” than the average person and wish that more people would take the G. D. test to prove me right! I simply have the ability to research and the ability to FIND THINGS. This certainly should not be a special trait. Take it! I'm sure that MANY MORE of us can solve these problems if one has a mind to.
That ‘women represent all that's perfect in the world' would be an idiotic comment for one who is not familiar with symbology, mythology, ancient philosophy or masonry.
As far as your second comment goes, I think you are correct in your skepticism. BUT, over time, Paul's thesis will be either proved (or at least accepted) or disproved (much easier to do). In the case where more and more people take the test and score perfectly, a re-norming will be necessary and I can relax without having to worry that I am potentially a freak of nature.

05/03/02 - 13:58:28 GMT

NameNikos Papastergiou LocationGreece /Thes/niki

I think tha your site is for people who have some extra abilities to think!

05/01/02 - 02:41:31 GMT

NameJustin LocationCanada

And on the note of mathematical approximations, can any of you 196ers provide me with a logical and water-tight mathematical argument WHY the whole IQ system doesn't break down way up there 6 st-devs from the mean. I mean, after all, this is only based on a VERY SIMPLE Gaussian model and, as all statisticians will tell you, the accuracy of a distribution is heavily dependant on the sample size. When we're talking about ONE in a BILLION discrimination in a sample MUCH LESS THAT A BILLION, the statistical error is huge. Such misapplication of mathematics indicates a major misunderstanding of the very fundamental concepts used to create the IQ scale in the first place. I mean, do you HONESTLY believe that the human intelligence distribution is perfectly Gaussian? Yeah right... Maybe in some kooky non-linear set of units, but then your scores are meaningless in themselves. By your own admission, Durgin and Wolf both scored perfect on the numbers test. Does this not indicate a ceiling of sorts? I'm sure that two billion people have not taken the Numbers test, and so the likelihood that two of the six that might score perfect on the test actually took it seems a little incredible. I'm sure if you were all as intelligent as you claim to be this fact would be screaming at you. How about it guys? Any answers?

05/01/02 - 02:20:36 GMT

NameJustin LocationCanada

Re : Scott "Nearly E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in the universe has mathematical underpinnings."
Sigh...this certainly comes from an idealist mind. No, my friend, I would say that if you look close enough, there are no mathematics to describe anything in nature. Indeed, nature preceeded mathematics and this is obvious in the shortcomings of mathematics to explain anything in the real world. Mathematics evolved as a simple and approximate description of reality that, when pushed beyond it's arena, yields nonsense. How do you describe the chaos of quasicrystal 5-fold symmetry? Not with mathematics. How do you explain the fundamental uncertainties in quantum mechanics? The predictive power of mathematics is quashed in these arenas. Indeed the back of a turtle, the skin of a pineapple, flora, and conch shells are only APPROXIMATED by mathematics. Any fool knows that one can add an infinitude of terms to an equation to fit it to any shape, but only to within some arbitrary accuracy. Allow me then to rephrase : "Mathematical underpinnings can be attached to anything in the universe"
You also emphasize the need for practice. Indeed, any intelligent person, given practice, can undertake the trade of another. In my experience, IQ tests and the types of questions they ask can, like any other thing, be practiced and one can improve their ability to answer them. In fact, practicing such abstract and nonsensical skills makes one better at nothing but scoring high on IQ tests. Just as a doctor can practice to become a good doctor, or a musician can practice to become a good musician, so can a person practice to become "intelligent" (as gauged by such tests). Indeed, it all cases, such persons will also learn skills that have some degree of parallel applicability, but they, of themselves, amount to nothing more than simply what they are.
"Women represent all that is perfect in the world"
I wonder, then why there are so many prisons for women. This is an idiotic comment, especially considering that it comes from someone who considers himself among the most intelligent people on the planet. Dig your own grave deeper, man!
By all means, expanding the mind is a fabulous endeavour and the achievements of people are to be commended, but one must watch to not expand the ego as well. I will remember those people who have accomplished great things and contributed to society and not those who simply elevate themselves to greatness in the eyes of their self-same. Your participation in this society, paradoxically, excludes you from the group of people it is meant to represent. Do well in life, be happy and don't worry about how smart you or others think you are.

05/01/02 - 00:32:18 GMT

NameMorgan LocationNorway

mm..i was just wondering.. Durgin, could you possibly be so kind and give me your definition of "truth"? I would really enjoy hearing your thoughts on it:)Ive got a feeling id be able to perhaps, come one step closer to it..Id like that. If not.. I really enjoyed your web-site and i wish you well in all you do, and everything you dont. Best, Morgan

04/26/02 - 18:16:48 GMT

NameKaty LocationBristol, England

I am a member of Mensa (Cattel B score 162) and I really admire people like you who have such a gift and help others to foster it. I have always been excluded and bullied for my high intelligence; I hope your society is successful.

04/25/02 - 14:07:45 GMT

NameYoung Jae Lee LocationKorea

Am I lost? How can you be such people of high IQ? Marvelous! Do you think you are a genius just because your IQ is 195 or higher? I hope you will achieve as much as your IQ demands. Have a good luck.

04/24/02 - 13:53:21 GMT

NameA. Einstein URL LocationBelgium

I think I qualify for your society.

04/23/02 - 19:34:40 GMT

NameJames Wilfred Locationaustria

Hi, I was wondering if any of your guys play chess? with your intelligence you'd have no trouble winning world i right? if not, why not? chess is easy to learn yet hard to master due to the very complex strategies. Prove yourself and win the world chess championships.

04/23/02 - 12:35:35 GMT

NameDerek LocationSouth Thailand

I think you are complete and utter arseholes for disabling the "Back" button so I have to kill IE and try and get back to the page I found you on. I will not come back here.

04/16/02 - 13:42:39 GMT

NameDanny LocationBoston

Evelyn, I don't know about you, but I have a large range of IQ scores. Heck, if I could beat my current highest score by even less than the difference between it and my lowest score, I'd be a member of this Society. Anyway, if somebody asked me what my IQ is, I'd tell them my highest score. I think that is reasonable and not deceptive. However, I frankly consider an IQ somewhere in the middle to more accurately reflect my typical mental performance. Most days, I don't function close to 100%.

04/15/02 - 16:28:07 GMT

NameChristina Giga LocationYellow Springs, Ohio

04/13/02 - 13:13:30 GMT

NameEvelyn Locationcanada

Does anyone know which test score to believe if you've done a few? Should you believe your top score because it shows what your brain can do, or should you take the average result? If anyone knows, i'd be grateful for the answer here or a quick email. :oP

04/12/02 - 18:17:13 GMT

Namescott b durgin Locationnew england

Wow! I just simply must comment on this one. I probably shouldn't pick on the mentally young (regardless of chronological age) but I feel a certain duty here. This is for those who may think like“Javi” whom i presume is a member of the male gender.
If you believe that “finding the next in a series” or “finding what comes next” is irrelevant or a waste of time then you must not have had ANY exposure to music, mathematics, human relations, science, law or LIFE for heaven's sake! Being creative is nearly impossible without understanding your world. Creativity without understanding is not creativity at all but is nothing but expression, similar to exhaust coming from a car or a belch from the mouth. The world is where it is now due to lack of understanding on the part of its people.
Yes, practice is fun but it is also NECESSARY. Does not the craftsman apprentice for years? Does not the marathon runner practice daily? Does not the chess player play countless practice games so as to challenge the master? Does not the doctor ‘intern' first? Does not the actor practice his lines to perfect the drama? Does not the musician rehearse? Does not the architect MODEL before building? Does not the architect draw before modeling? Does not the architect THINK before drawing?

THINK, friend
Creation/creativity requires THINKING
Mature thinking requires Practice and MUCH thinking.
It is true that a man's ACTIONS/VOCATIONS/CREATIONS are a good measure of his worth, but a man's actions ought to have been developed by his THOUGHTS first.‘Without a finality indeed', where you BEGIN (i.e; THINKING) is ten times more important than where you end, for the beginning DETERMINES the end. Make your beginnings broad and deep and the end is bound to succeed.
Mental practice is worth its weight in gold, my friend. And it never gets old, for when can it be said that life is mastered? Mathematical series are beautifully manifested on the back of a turtle, the skin of a pineapple, the growth of flora, conch shells, medieval architecture, etc. The kabbala, music, fibonnaci, quantum mechanics, consciousness are all spokes held together by a common center. They are all related. Music is the geometry of sound, geometry is the structure of the universe, gematria is one key to deciphering the structure of hebrew scriptures. Nearly E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in the universe has mathematical underpinnings.
UNDERSTAND the origins of christianity. UNDERSTAND the origins of buddhism. UNDERSTAND atheism. UNDERSTAND islam. UNDERSTAND judaism, hinduism, taoism, etc and you will never take up arms against another. Nor will you ever think that what you believe is more valid than another. You will see they all spring from a common source. You will see that MATHEMATICS and SYMBOLS underlie the structures of each and every one of them.
Religion is a puzzle, philosophy is a puzzle, physics is a puzzle, communication is a puzzle, language is a puzzle, Women are puzzles, the universe is a puzzle, LIFE is a puzzle. Solving puzzles is LIFE. Don't you want to practice?
If you are chronologically young, then forgive my harshness, please. If you are a woman, then ignore everything I've said, for you probably know all of this already. Women represent all that is perfect in the world. If you are older (for you ARE mentally young, either way), then expand your mind, man! seize the day! spend all the time you can solving inane puzzles! it's good practice for when the going gets tough. There are only a few days/years in ones life. time flies.
And if you do believe that mental puzzles have nonsensical fruits or relations that lead to nowhere, then I can tell you for sure that you are missing out on A LOT. cheers

04/12/02 - 12:38:24 GMT

NameLili LocationBulgaria


04/09/02 - 18:29:49 GMT

NameJavi LocationSpain

Hello people! Very interesting your comments, some of them have surprised me -positively!. Thank you also to Paul who seems reading all the notes.
I want to tell you my thought: About this hobby of IQ tests, I do think it's not worth loosing too much time trying to "continue the serie", guesing non-sense numbers, finding-out relationships that goes to nonwhere. It is better to demonstrate intelligence by other creative meanings: research, literature, culture, politics, management, humanitarian purposes, etc. I dont think the most intelligent people waste a lot of time in activities without a finality. Anyway, it is fun sometimes to practise that kind of entertainment. ( But only if you are boried!) Kisses.

04/04/02 - 20:50:47 GMT

NamePhilipp Reichert LocationWesel/Germany

Hi guys! I want to do your Daedalus test, but I am not good enough at English. Could one of you (maybe the Dutchman) be so kind and translate it in German? Thanks your Philipp PS: Good luck for your homepage!

04/04/02 - 16:41:55 GMT

NameHwang Locationwherever in the world with fresh airs

every test of high iq society has some advantages for people who live in english-speaking country. I am angry and dissatisfied with that fact!! Bye~ and take good cares. from a sixteen who can't speak good english(struggling!!)

04/03/02 - 07:00:13 GMT


do you think estimates on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's IQ are correct? they say it's around 210. you should be able to answer that, or at least have an estimate.

03/25/02 - 19:29:40 GMT

NameRex Hubbard LocationGadsden, AL (yeah....yeah....yeah...I know)

Someone from Alabama actually visiting a website devoted to intelligence. How ludicrous! Nonetheless, I am here to present some key issues that one of you cerebrals might explain. Looking over the Paul Cooijmans tests, I noticed that some of them are of doubtful quality. The Qoymans Multiple Choice test requires nothing more than a library and a computer connected to the Internet (and some common sense) to get a good score. You have a 50/50 chance on any one question. Tests such as the Nemesis are by no means easy, but any qualified psychometrician would dismiss it. Paul Cooijmans has synthesized some superb specimens that could in fact discriminate at the 1x10^9 level, but there are others that seem to be of dubious quality. My favorite tests by PC are the TFG Long Form, Daedalus Test, Cooijmans Intelligence Test, and Space, Time, and Hyperspace. Which tests do you find most valid? By the way Paul, it says in your history of GliaWeb tests that someone scored perfect on the Daedalus Test in 2001. Why did this person not become a member of the Giga Society? Good day to you all.

03/25/02 - 07:37:29 GMT

NameGuaro B. Kunhardt LocationDominican Republic

Just as a person with some spare mind to think about th certainty of things said (sorry, but that's me) "The brightness of things are in the small ways we can change them, with our toughts...Intelligence is the answer, and Education the Solution..." I just wish that every year my I.Q. could gain at least a point or two...(I'm 16 and 136) and I know I can't brag about my I.Q., but...I can beat u all in B-Ball (Have anyone seen A Beautiful Mind, such a lovely movie...)

03/13/02 - 12:19:49 GMT

NameJoshua Ross Watkins LocationPennsylvania, USA

What does it feel like to be so smart? Well, I imagine you can't compare as you are what you are, but what types of things do you(members of this society) think about? --JRW IQ136

03/08/02 - 02:27:37 GMT

NameBen Carbery LocationSydney

Just as to answer Turtle's post below, I neglected to say aforementioned kid has a tested IQ of 230-something. I suspect he would pass the giga-society test easily :>

03/07/02 - 11:39:41 GMT

NameTurtLe LocationSydney

Just here to disagree with comment made by person two posts before. I saw it too, and that kid does not qualify. Would not qualify. Reading 8 books a night is not exactly a gauge of intelligence. Granted he has a mentor, but would still not qualify.

03/01/02 - 05:23:00 GMT

NameBill Mcphee

Losers! IQ 196 indeed! WHy not join a real society with me at the Tera Society, where an IQ of 250 is required to join!!! Becuase none of you are as brainy as me - with my IQ of 363!!!! PS Why isn't Mr. Langan in your society? Answer - as you are LOSERS!!!!

02/27/02 - 01:52:54 GMT

NameBen Carbery LocationSydney

I would just like to inform the members there's a new kid on the block - hardly myself with only a high IQ (good enough for Mensa) - but a child of around 11 born somewhere in Australia. Saw him on TV - he reads 8 books a night (e.g. Harry Potter :>) but still goes to a normal school. Thinks he is definately smarter than Einstein was. Ah well, he will learn IQ does not not equal achievement but he may be a good candidate for your society.

02/22/02 - 19:48:31 GMT

NameJohn Wassell

I'm 16, and thoroughly impressed. Like, way cool dudes.

02/18/02 - 00:02:57 GMT

Nameandreas Locationswe

Me again I would like to add a theory of mine. I believe that a unthinkble high iq scre. Combinded with extremly strong mental mind. Would be a person who could understand the purpose of life. But most imprtant of it all. "Always look at the bright side of life"

02/17/02 - 23:53:44 GMT

Nameandreas Locationswe

member of this site please answer. I would estimate my intelligence to somewhere around one in a houndred. In what other way do you highiqscorers feel that you see the world? And in what ways in everyday life do you feel superior to other people? I dont know if I would like to have an IQ score as high as yours. Ofcourse its good too be smart but it takes a really great person to handle that kind of IQ without beeing a really boring person. I would rather be like me, smart creative and a great athlete. By the way I look good to. I would like to start a society for multitalanted people like me. But most important of it all. "Always look at the bright side of life"

02/17/02 - 00:14:02 GMT

NameRich Degger LocationLong Island

I may only have an IQ of 97 which, I'm told, isn't high enough for your group even though I am a very successful video artist (which is more than most members of High IQ societies can truthfully say). Anyway, ever since the advent of post-modern thought, hasn't it been pretty much established that truth is not life affirming and that those with a predisposition to understanding philosophy (eg you 197 IQ eggheads) should retreat away from public exposure (by NOT creating websites dedicated to their favorite TV programs and their IQ scores) to create new myths to keep the masses from the destructive power of truth? I mean, who wants to hear the prejudices (foundations) of one's moral order exposed? It is bad for life. And isn't always the super-intelligent, through untimely meditations, who do the exposing and are sometimes martyred for it (Socrates, Jesus, Kit Cloudkicker from "Tailspin"). And if it is the super-intelligent who are responsible for untimely meditations (either that or fabulous works of art, video art included. [see da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonnarotti, Mozart, Oliver Stone) then shouldn't the top 3 smartest people in the world be either a)hiding from the masses b)creating VALUABLE works of art or c)quietly making zillions of dollars, drinking fine wines with fine hookers and waiting to die? I'd also like to note that the other 3 "world's smartest" should statistically be women, shouldn't they?

02/14/02 - 23:03:18 GMT LocationWashington

Hi there. If I may say so, your website is quite inspiring to us non-genius types. I find it ironic, however, that within a society of 196+ IQers, it seems impossible to retrieve letters sent after the crash... Just a thought. But it is also nice to see those of immense intellectual potential to admit that they perhaps aren't really that smart. Not that I doubt you of course; indeed, the things you have on your site pertaining to trivia, requirements on joining, etc., are nearly proof enough in and of themselves of your high IQ. As the wise man said, pride goeth before the fall. In any event, keep up the "good work." Intellectually yours, Jason

02/14/02 - 03:35:04 GMT


My I.Q. is that of 197.

02/12/02 - 11:59:11 GMT

Namesasikumar Locationindia

i want to see u r website