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04/01/04 - 01:37:03 GMT


two hundered and eighty six point 2.

06/22/03 - 00:05:26 GMT

Namemichael daly jnr Emailmikeyjnr007@hotmail>com LocationCORK, IRELAND


11/23/02 - 04:21:25 GMT

NameELDRAS LocationLondon

Great read. I'm sure IQ is learned. Marilyn's Goat helped me as much as Zhuge Liang (much). But it is a fact that one can't test an IQ greater than your own. Nor can a test.

11/07/02 - 03:38:55 GMT

Namenathan weiser Locationunited states

I`m only 13 you see and i have an I.Q. of 137 which if im not sure is high for 13. I`m not sayin i could be exepted into this prestegious organization but I would like to you,understand.

10/27/02 - 22:00:39 GMT


Don't you think that unsupervised test measure persistence rather than intelligence?A working man with a family maybe has no time or interest to work on your test for a month or even more, he has other things to do in is little free time.Am I wrong?

10/26/02 - 17:34:23 GMT

NameMat Chavez

I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of someone named Glenn Girard im trying to find out what hes all about but im having trouble. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. Email me at Thanx

10/26/02 - 00:31:54 GMT

Namesamantha Locationatlanta

I was wondering if you are aware of a recent study about gifted children. In this report it states "As of January, 2002, we have found 678 children with IQ scores above 160, 157 above 180 IQ, and 33 above 200." If you state that the odds of having an IQ of 196 are one in a billion, then what is you response to the 33 children that have a reported IQ that is is over 200? I have included a hyperlink to the web page. The address and contact information is also available. A final note, this is not an attempt to mock you intelligence or belittle it in any way. You have my full respect as an intelligent person- your IQ is exactly 50 points above mine. thanks so much, sam.

10/20/02 - 05:01:47 GMT

Namephan-anh do Locationcalifornia

getting wrong on all the questions iq test is a work of a genius

10/10/02 - 18:27:17 GMT

NameRudy van Daalen Wetters LocationWoodland Hills, California

Good to see that a Dutchman has such a high I.Q. My parents are from the Netherlands and are bright. It must be a Dutch trait. Any advice for studying for the Mensa exam? Tot ziens! Rudy van Daalen Wetters

09/25/02 - 00:41:26 GMT

Namechristian-ulrich LocationKanada

So if I answer all those questions is there parties I can come too and is there chicks to pick up?

09/24/02 - 10:43:51 GMT


LOL! I cracked up when I read this: We are the world's most exclusive high IQ society. An IQ of 196 or higher (reached by one in a billion people) is required to join. Oh man, you must not have a lot of members!

09/24/02 - 09:27:17 GMT

NameEamon Kissane LocationIreland

This society has got to be one of the most shit societies in the world! First of all if it is limited to 1 in 1 billion people there can be only a max of 7 or 8 people in the society. And considering the fact that over half the worlds population live in extreme poverty and have probably never heard of this shit society, means it is exclusionist aswell. Not much point in being exclusionist when you have so few members is there? Also the explanation behind the 9 symbol on the homepage is the stuff of nerds! Die nerds, die!

09/21/02 - 19:06:17 GMT

NameJohn Emailjohnwinchurch Location Middle England

I'm not sure if its a good thing that we humans seem to have this strange instinct, this need to belong to a tribe. Mensa, football fans fighting each other, people wearing leather if they like rock music, are primitive insticts that just divide us. This is why I believe man landed on the moon in 1969 not 969. But since I am human, what they heck.
Do you believe you can improve you I.Q.? For instance a good speller might see long words in easy to remember chunks, a poor speller would try to just remember the word in its whole form.
Someone with a good memory might use vivid pictures with emotion to remember objects, wheres as a person with a bad memory would just use the left sign of his brain.
How do you guys approach math questions and other common I.Q. methods? What mental sub- modalities do you use? I believe genetics has a lesser role in a persons ability to do an I.Q. test than asumed by many. However I don't deny the great gifts that you guys possess. I hope you continue to bless the world and youselfs with them. Wadda you think?

09/11/02 - 03:33:45 GMT

NameStanley Archer LocationKlamath River, CA , USA

Just wanted to let you know that I'd love to be able to communicate with anybody that smart.

09/06/02 - 18:33:59 GMT

NameAmanda LocationUSofA

You certainly get a lot of profane creeps to sign your guestbook! (btw, your site was linked to the Portal of Evil site --that's probably why) --Anyway, I thought your site was amusing and enjoyed your cracks at 'high IQ' societies such as Mensa.

09/05/02 - 13:34:29 GMT


If somebody steals one of your personal items, what are you legally allowed to do about it? Is the only you can do is to call the cops? - for geniuses

09/02/02 - 07:55:04 GMT

Nameinkblot Locationprinceton us

i would be only too happy to compete against any of the three nitwits which represent this so called 1/10^9 uber intelligence club-what happened prior to the big bang? Do not fret I will let you bozos in on the secret in due time-hint 18by is spit in the ocean in an infinite area devoid of measurable time (bill gates' personal wealth is a greater value) so tell me smartass-does time exist? of course it does not, you are wrong again! Go listen to yanni, play with your nintendo, go watch or read sci-fi, like good little nerds.

08/19/02 - 13:05:05 GMT

NameMusette LocationSouth Korea

Well, I just droped by here coz I wanted to take an IQ Test. I don't think I'm "smart", but I just wanna know my exact IQ. But there's a problem I think. All the questions are written in English or German. I can't make my thoughts understood well so i don't think i'll make sense if I send you my answers in English. How do you think? I'll be really glad if you send me e-mail about this kinda problem. Thanx.

08/15/02 - 03:41:48 GMT

NameLittlekiwi LocationNew Zealand

Well aren't you lot a clever bunch? yes admittedly i'm totally lost with all this crap, but it's interesting to see nonetheless. it seems that high intelligence doesn't guarantee aesthetic skills tho - what an ugly site! Update it?

08/12/02 - 06:53:41 GMT

NameBrian URL

Greetings. Need help with a theory of 'low temperature fusion'. I am working on getting it up on my web page, under the 'qm' link. Once I have it all there, I would really welcome reviews and comments...

08/11/02 - 12:17:19 GMT

NameC likes it

You fags better be good, because I'm 90% sure you'll burn in hell

08/07/02 - 18:43:54 GMT

Namea-wolf Locationgermany

and the turtle said to the puma: you may walk faster but i walk more intense.

08/06/02 - 23:48:29 GMT

NameJason LocationDenver, CO

I just found your Web page today. Glad to see people getting together for any reason. I just have a couple of questions. Why is it that the space program only uses highly intelligent people with no practical skills? How can you have a society Web page dedicated to the highly intelligent that shows no creativity?

08/04/02 - 23:29:31 GMT

Name[removed] Email[removed] LocationSweden

"If absolute truth does not exist, the sentence "absolute truth does not exist" is not absolutely true either. "
I don't quite get this, proving that the sentence isn't true only tells us that the sentence "absolute truth does exist" is true, but it is only a sentence does it really mean that "absolute truth" exist? Of course I am wrong but i write this anyway. gjfhguhfdhg

08/04/02 - 00:11:43 GMT

Name[removed] Email[removed] LocationSweden

Hi Paul ! I have a question for you: you are constructing IQ tests with a ceiling > or = 207 ,in order to do so, i guess you must have an IQ of 207 or more. Wouldn't this mean that you are Thoth? that you are Th

08/03/02 - 00:58:32 GMT

NameWilliam Robert LocationDeep South - USA

Howdy y'all I'm very emprissed wid y'all smartness, but can ya'all tie ya'll feakin shoe laces? My mommy married her brother, does that make me smart?

08/02/02 - 22:42:23 GMT

NameH C

IQ testing should be obsolete, it measures only one type of intelligence while overlooking many others .

08/01/02 - 20:38:52 GMT

Namescottie LocationOHIO, USA

I respect each and every one of you in this "group" i am a member of mensa and could only seem inferior to somone with the aptitude as you. -scott-

07/31/02 - 23:13:43 GMT

Name[removed] Email[removed] LocationSweden

Hi! I wonder if people are getting offended or agressive because you people are having such High IQ:s, because they are jealous or because that they feel worthless or something? or somethi

07/30/02 - 05:29:08 GMT

NameSantosh LocationIndia

Hi! Visited your site out of curiosity... just wanted to ask you people's opinion of what success is... and when would you consider yourselves successful. Also, do you have any measure of members' EQs (Emotional Quotient)? Thx..

07/26/02 - 23:09:55 GMT

NameJerrry Hershman LocationUSA

Interesting website; raw. Would be nice to see a little more information...or more people.

07/26/02 - 22:37:43 GMT

Name[removed] Email[removed] LocationSweden

To Paul Cooijmans: Hi ! I read FAQ at the Glia society homepage and you talked about this person Thoth that would come early third millenium. And you also said that you were in contact with Thoth and that he did send you t-mails from the future. I wonder is this a practical joke? And why did he chose to contact you and not the President of the united states for example? I also wonder if Christopher Langan has tried to qualify for the Giga Society ? I have read somewhere that he has the highest recorded IQ in the world. It would be nice with some answers to these question? to the

07/18/02 - 03:27:57 GMT

NameJon Rambo LocationPennsylvania

Hey!! I'm Jon. I come from Pennsylvania in the US. I have an unofficial IQ of 159. I got it from one of those online tests. I'm not so sure about those : ) I was kind of curious how much of your time you spend involved with activities that involve thinking. Like Chess, Go, Physics , or just whatever. And how doing other things. By the way, I'm very impressed by your abilities as people and some of the views I've seen in your info. Later -Jon Rambo

07/17/02 - 21:54:46 GMT

Name[removed] Email[removed] LocationSweden

Does anybody know if artificiell intelligence is achievable in the near future? And I am talking about the same sort of intelligence as we humans posess, a computer that one can talk to and discuss a mathematical proof with. I have heard experts in the field of computer sience saying that it can be proven by mathematics that it can't be done. Maybe this is a problem that can be solved by Thoth, I think this is a more interesting problem than time travel and I also think that it would serve humanity well also. If one should give a computer a brain wouldn't the first step be to make the computer understand the concept of the three dimensional room and the next step be to make the computer understand that it is inside of that room? So that the "I" of the computer is inside the room? I can't see why this should be such an impossible task? should be suc

07/16/02 - 16:18:14 GMT

Name[removed] Email[removed] LocationSweden

To Scott Durgin: I really liked your explanation of why we should solve puzzles. You said that women are puzzles and I agree but I found that puzzle very hard to crack, could you give me an helping hand on that topics? It would be cool if you could give me some universal method or someting that always worked? I know the question seems ridiculous but it would be interesting? Anyone else of you smart guys can of course answer to. a

07/14/02 - 22:48:57 GMT

Name[removed] Email[removed] LocationSweden

I like this site very much because it has a guestbook that is open to everybody not just an internal forum for members of the society. I guess it takes an IQ of 196 to cope with that. to cope with

07/14/02 - 22:39:03 GMT

Name[removed] Email[removed] LocationSweden

It seems to be something wrong with this guestbook because the last of my sentences doesn't sho

07/14/02 - 16:23:39 GMT

Name[removed] Email[removed]

I would appreciate some feedback on my comments. By the way, what exact IQ:s do you people have, are you all having 196 or what? Are you sure that you would get the same IQ if you tried for example the Titan test? the Titan

07/13/02 - 23:14:34 GMT

Name[removed] Email[removed] LocationSweden

To Paul Cooijmans: Is this person Toth just a joke or have you actually met a person from the future which you refer to as Toth. Wouldn't that be headlines news? Why don't you go out with this information? And why don't you write out the date when the earth is going to be hit by a meteorite? by a mete

07/13/02 - 22:50:54 GMT

Name[removed] LocationSweden

I found this on the Glia-site: "In today's competitive world we need all the credentials we can get. A score report from a Cooijmans test is a widely accepted standard of excellence and will open many a door that would otherwise remain shut forever. All it takes is a little bit of test-smartness to get yourself a good high IQ on one or more of my tests. Let's face it, anyone of above-average intelligence who puts in enough effort, uses the right reference aids, and studies a number of high-range tests to get an idea of the type of problems can score any IQ he likes. Don't be intimidated too easily!" I wonder is this a joke? or can a person get any IQ he wants on your tests or is it impossible to exceed over ones intelligence?

07/13/02 - 19:32:19 GMT

Name[removed] Email[removed] LocationSweden

This question is for Paul Cooijmans: I read FAQ at the Glia-site and for the first time I heard of this so called Toth person and that he would show up on early third millenium, iguess that would be around year 3000 but you also said that he could be one of us. But no one who lives today will survive long enough to be this person Toth. Isn't that a contra

07/13/02 - 14:51:20 GMT

Name[removed] LocationSweden

Hi everybody! I have read that Marilyn vos Savant has an IQ of 230 the highest in the world but i have also read that the highest ever recorded IQ is around 195, so what is the truth? Could any one of you smart guys tell me the truth of the ma

07/11/02 - 05:33:10 GMT

NameRyan Crooks LocationTucson, AZ

Robert wrote: "Hey fellow smart guys(and I mean it!) Im a 13 year old with an interest in quantum mechanics, quantum physics, astrophysics, and stuff on the brain and outer space aliens. I have a 177 IQ and want to join a high IQ society(this is the only one I know that I cant get into) People that irrate me the most: Flat earthers Geocentrists creationists Ignorant people Stupid people that get straight A's I like roleplaying computer games. I want to *somehow* Become fit to join this society."
Who in the hell thinks quantum mechanics are interesting? I mean did you just look up the most intelligent sounding field of study you could find? Maybe it's just me, but I think there is much more to life than studying how electrons jump energy levels. And at 13 I'd be interested to find where you learn such things. But you are probably at MIT doing some post-grad work with quasars, right?Please correct me if I'm wrong.

07/07/02 - 02:42:41 GMT

NameVincent Horny LocationSometimes here, but mostly there

Do you believe that with brain add-ons, all humans will have equal IQ in the future? Do you agree with Kurzweil that in 100 years humans will be immortal?

07/01/02 - 07:37:22 GMT

NameTanner LocationMelbourne Australia

I find it extremely hard to believe that all three of you are male from a white/Caucasian background with a language background of English/German when the majority of the world's population are women, from Asia or America. Granted intelligence maybe a genetic trait, but such a concentrated gathering of intellence within one genetic group is nigh impossible.

06/30/02 - 11:52:36 GMT


I have an approximate IQ of 160, however, I find that I am of no disadvantage. I have excelled in school (in Great Britain). I do not believe that IQ is a major deciding factor in how imaginative one can be, or how perceptive one can be. I have great respect for those with IQs of 196+, but it makes me feel like an under-achiever. If the IQ level to join Giga society was scaled down to the average IQ of 100 (eg), then I would have an IQ of 64 (comparitive. That would mean that I would almost qualify for a person of Learning Disabilities.

06/28/02 - 11:40:20 GMT


How can a state of the art sports car race to win the first prize if everyone in the entire race track including the audience and, judges want him to lose? Is it my fault that I'm born with this talent? How can one progress when everyone I know and don't know are discriminating/cheating me from everything--disregarding, sabotaging my accomplishments etc.?

06/27/02 - 00:40:03 GMT

NameEzku URL LocationFinland

Just a note on the site: If you want to keep it simple, please, DO keep it simple and clean looking. The background really isn't the best and the text color & font make it look messy. I'd recommend using a simple CSS based layout with a white background, and using Tahoma or Verdana (size 11px) for the content. It would be much nicer to read if it was cleaner. (One out of a billion? Too bad my IQ's only 156. :)

06/18/02 - 05:20:26 GMT

NameCarlos Calderon LocationHuntsville Texas

A question for you geniouses,
Why is it that those who make a great difference in the world are not those with the greatest minds but those with the greates ideas? Meaning, why is it that it is more practical to be immersed in one quest for life (discoveries, inventions, peace making, or what have you) than to embark in the knowledge of all which at the end may not answer nothing. Read Ecclesians 1:13-18 (a nice little quote)

06/14/02 - 23:15:36 GMT

Namebill mcphee

well of course durgin is wrong, there are no concepts - including numbers - which are not human abstractions. nelson goodman's fact fiction and forecast demonstrates this. or actually, does his srgument apply to numbers? what do you think?
oh yeah where is chris langan??????????? and surely pascal leibniz goethe etc should be given posthumous memberships? and what of captian beefheart? oh dear oh dear i feel as if i should as well i mean none of you are brainy as me my iq be 363! i know i know it's great but wolf lets' pick on you after all you are in the society but are only a programmer sort yourself out man and do something e solve the aids problem or whatever as yr lives are not your own they are part of society what would rawls say ooh i dont know probably whatever is best for the working class as rawls is great and so is marx but not ayn rand ooh no she is badbadbabdabdbdbbabdbbsbdsbabd you get my drift i had huge boots once and i would walk round golfciourses dso you play golf and i would run and be chansed by woolvesrinbes and wolves and woolf and wolf ie writer and leibzintian philosopher i read ulysses and understood it i am so good yeah me really good anfd to that robert guy ie you are a precocious litt`le cock and you ,must fucjk off oh dear i fear i am smoking too much weed

06/12/02 - 00:11:55 GMT

NameTriple Nine : Superior : : Giga : Spoof

Robert, you are very bright; is that why your dad calls your "son"? haha...

06/08/02 - 04:05:42 GMT

NameRob Mariani

If IQ was just a novelty, then why do places around the world use IQ as an admission or ratings, and I mean official places that affect you and your life. And also, It has solid value, because mentally retarded people have IQs below 70 and *Geniuses* have 145+ or whatever.

06/08/02 - 02:01:06 GMT

NameRobert Mariani LocationMaryland

Hey fellow smart guys(and I mean it!) Im a 13 year old with an interest in quantum mechanics, quantum physics, astrophysics, and stuff on the brain and outer space aliens. I have a 177 IQ and want to join a high IQ society(this is the only one I know that I cant get into) People that irrate me the most:
Flat earthers
Ignorant people
Stupid people that get straight A's
I like roleplaying computer games. I want to *somehow* Become fit to join this society.

05/31/02 - 09:19:08 GMT

NameAndrew LocationArizona

One in a billion, I can't fathom how cool you guys must think of yourselves. I am the owner of a scant 150 IQ, and find that, ironically, I could probably accomplish more if it were a bit lower. Do you ever feel that your IQ is really just a novelty, and not all that efficient in the practical realm?

05/30/02 - 23:53:06 GMT

Namejustin LocationCanada

Fair enough, Durgin. I think we've both made some good points. A few points to ponder, however :-) Where do you draw the line between waves and shapes? Can not any shape be described by such brute force mathematics? The point I'm making is that 'mathematical' patterns in nature are always somewhere in between a "true" precise description comprised of ugly, unenlightening mathematics or a highly interpretive and subjective 'description' that has all the elegant symmetries and simplicities of the numberism you describe. At any rate, my original issue was with the statement that there are mathematical underpinnings to nearly everything. My point is that math is just a nice way of explaining the patterns we see in nature, be it elegant, universal and vague (pi, phi, e, etc) or precise and ugly (fourier, shrodinger, etc). In any case, it is a TRUISM that math is everywhere because it was created that way. On a fundamental level, math naturally has to describe reality or it's just a meaningless collection of scratchings with no isomorphic relation to anything. Anyhow, enough of that. May I suggest (since you seem at least much more keen that the average person to research the greater thing s in life) that you seek out and practice internal Chinese martial arts. In particular, the indoor lineage school of Chen Style Taijiquan contains an enormous amount of knowledge about the human body and mind. A scholarly approach and intelligent training with a high level teacher will open your intelligence to your body so that you can reach the same level of mastery of the body as of the mind. Very few people can accomplish both and it is a fabulous thing. Justin is off for now, but I must thank you for enlightened discussion. I find stirring the pot brings goodies to the surface at times :-) Cheers.

05/30/02 - 15:17:02 GMT

Namedurgin Locationnew england

Well, Justin, ok, thank you, so you were talking of FOURIER, now I understand. I thought you meant ANY SHAPE, not any WAVE FUNCTION. I have no quarrel with you regarding fourier integrals being used to characterize any WAVE function, (especially schrodinger's). I'm sure you know that a fourier series can be used to determine pi as well (1-1/3+1/5-1/7+1/9... = pi/4) but did you know that Leibniz discovered that 300 years ago using PURE GEOMETRIC PRINCIPLES? The mathematics I'm talking about is not a construct for solving a textbook or engineering problem, but a SYMBOL. Geometry and Gematria, dude. Schrodinger's wave functions are COMPUTATIONAL DEVICES. Relating a first time derivative to a second space derivative necessarily produces a complex function, so then “psi-star-psi” must be used in order to even give physical plausibility to the formulation. It works, though doesn't it (in a limited sense)? Maybe you use time independent conditions, though. The density of photons in an electromagnetic field is found in the same way, except there's no complex conjugate. There is also no probability and no indeterminacy.---------------------- to reiterate, I was not speaking of newtonian or laplacian or fourier mathematics or of WAVE functions or periodic functions at all. Phi (golden mean) is NOT a FUNCTION (unless you buy the idea that a single valued thing with no arguments is a function). Phi is a RELATIONSHIP; a RATIO (like pi except better) and is purely geometric. In fact, phi and ‘5 fold symmetry' are intimately related and the egyptians (the learned ones, anyway) were well aware of that. I commend you for being a scholar of ancient philosophical ideas but I don't think you have scratched the surface. There is NO ‘contrasting Taoist and egyptian thought' in this matter. As far as universal ideas being symbolized by numbers, their ideas are nearly IDENTICAL at the heart of it. Same with the ‘hindoos' and the chaldees. Same with the egyptians (some of whose ideas evolved from the sumerians) and the hebrews. Same with the hebrews and the greeks, not to mention the phoenicians. Even the celts for god's sake. On the surface this might not be apparent, but a little digging threshes it out. It is your opinion that “egyptian mytho-mysticism cannot constitute mathematical underpinnings” and it is a very uninformed one. You haven't studied mythology much at all to make this kind of statement unless you define ‘mathematical' in terms of man's creation of it. --------------NOT relating universal concepts to life is what is foolish.------------------- So, do you spend most of your time in the realm of ideas and research (physics) or are you down in the trenches fabricating josephson junctions or tunnel diodes or something? If in physics, have you moved on to the relativistic quantum physics of Dirac? Pair production and the like? Do you like the state-vector approach? Are you familiar with David Bohm's hidden variables? What about heinz pagels? Are you familiar with Aspect's experiment and conclusions (1982)? Do you care about bohr's copenhagen interpretation? It's been way too long since I solved QM problems.-------------As I said, I don't “claim” to be any smarter than most anybody else. I simply proved I could find what I was looking for and see patterns within apparent confusion when I scored highly on a few tests, which wasn't very remarkable in my view. I rest my “intelligence” or “creativity” laurels on my ability to overcome obstacles (most notably myself) rather than on a problem solving test. However, I know a lot less about “g” [and IQ's relation to “g”] than cooijmans does and so do you if you think that “g” or IQ is ‘one dimensional'. Professionals much greater than myself in the field of psychometrics have determined the validity of “g” and there's no disputing that (well, apparently MANY people who have no idea what they are talking about dispute it all the time). My ‘association' begins and ends with the fact that a couple of other people have scored as highly as I did on similar tests and both cooijmans and I have similar tastes in some music.----------Happy trails