The old Giga Society guest book 2001-2004 - Earliest entries

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02/10/02 - 23:50:56 GMT

NameSheila D. Ivy LocationUSA

I'd like to know more about your group, such as how many members and is there a newsletter I could subscribe to? I am a student majoring in Psychology, recently scored 31 on the Mega test and joined up with the OATH people. I am extremely interested in the phenomenon of ultra high intelligence, the sociology, the differences and the similarities between you and average people, or people like me even. Someday we may isolate the genes responsible. Are you statistical freaks or a genuine artifact line of a lineage carrying these purported genes? I wonder if you represent the future. Please, have lots of kids and and promulagate your lines as far and wide as possible. We need more of you in our little world. That's about all I can say, so thanks for this little forum. Sincerely, Sheila D. Ivy

01/30/02 - 04:11:54 GMT

NameJim Tripp LocationViginia

From "State of the World Population 2001" at : "Our numbers have doubled since 1960 to 6.1 billion..." If you accept only one in a billion, then you have 6.1 potential members. How many members do you have in fact? I hope not more than 6. Also, with a 690V + 770Q GRE, can I be the .1 member, just to fill out the statistics?

01/29/02 - 01:14:13 GMT

NameJared LocationCanberra,Australia

Hey guys, I've been doing the Space, Time, Hyperspace subtest of the TFG and have answered all but Q26 and Q28. I may have one or two incorrect, but at age 20 I was wondering what score I need to enter your society. I'm not exaggerating (I hope) but the aha sensation from 25 and 27 was too strong to be unsure if I'm right. I've also aligned the 4d slices for 28 but am struggling to visualise as accurately as is needed. This last point is why you didn't receive my test 6 months ago - I'm pushing for the limit. Anyway, if you get this could you e-mail me - I'd hate to be sitting on a winning ticket only for you to withdraw the test. Thanks, Jared

01/29/02 - 00:14:04 GMT


I think I am one of the greatest mind in the hole universum! I did estimate that my iq is 170,but no one would never believe me. This started when I took into my hands mensa number book and started to just stare the numbers.Would you believe me Coojiman? I am now 17-years old.

01/22/02 - 21:38:40 GMT

NameChris LocationUSA

Where for art thou Billy Sidis? Oh Billy boy, Billy boy. Please come home. There is no ether in the cantina. Must be a drum to beat on. Can't tell if I am moving forward or in reverse. Note to self...leave the lights, I am afraid of the dark.

01/14/02 - 03:16:11 GMT

NameDoc LocationCA, USA

I certainly wouldn't attack your intelligence; I'm sure you are extremely brilliant. However, the credit for that isn't quite yours to take. I can understand this if it is a way to show the lesser societies that they aren't as cool as they think, but why else would one join such a society? This is not an attack; I have great respect for your accomplishments. Still, I wonder why 3 geniuses would want to start a club. Love and respect from California.

01/13/02 - 17:13:07 GMT

NameAndrew C. B. Locationuk

You guys think you're pretty big with all that overdose of intelligence, but strangly you don't seem to have enough intelligence to realise that life is ment to be lived not to be questioned. :P Happiness comes from uncertainty!

01/12/02 - 13:49:05 GMT

NameEllie LocationEngland

I may be a mere child with an IQ of only 172 but I have several points to make.
1. If the standard deviation of IQ is meant to be 15, then there aren't enough people in the world to compare to for anyone to have an IQ above 195, so technically your group should have no members. If you have used 16 as the standard deviation as in some tests, then this is the wrong standard deviation.
2. Why did the founder of the group create a society that he was too stupid to join?
3. How can you be so sure that your IQ is above so many other peoples when you can't even be sure that anyone other than yourself exists? Remember "wisest is he who knows he does not know."
4. Intelligence is a gift, use it to do some good in your short lifetime, don't get big headed or waste your life riding on the fact that you may have a greater thinking ability than most others. You should be doing something good for the world but remember the world cannot be saved, we can only postpone its death.
5. Intelligence is the root of all evil, as proved by people.
6. Don't take yourselves too seriously because nothing matters.

01/11/02 - 19:16:22 GMT

NameHomer J Simpsons

Why don't you hire a dull one to make a new webpage..

01/02/02 - 19:07:47 GMT

NameJoseph Meisenhelder LocationUSA

Best wishes to all smart ones. Thanks for keeping society going.

12/19/01 - 20:35:42 GMT

Nameaaron smith Locationmi, usa

hi smart guys how can 'intelligence societies' say what percentile of the population their members are smarter than? what about the millions(billions?) of us who have never taken an iq test? no statistics, please. we all know 76% of statistics are made up on the spot. thanks

12/17/01 - 11:03:34 GMT URL LocationFairbanks Alaska

My scant knowledge would be advanced if anyone would be so kind as to describe the controlling contradiction of Giga Society and other high IQ clubs. Thank you.

11/29/01 - 09:45:09 GMT

Namesasikumar Locationindia

i want to see your iq test

11/18/01 - 19:24:15 GMT

NameDion E Vath LocationNew Hampshire

I am the proud owner of an IQ of 112.It has been my observation that wisdom and common sence has more value than a high IQ. I have been married to a smart ass for the last 34 years.

11/15/01 - 18:25:22 GMT

Nameandrew benjes

I really enjoyed yor webpage it was the funniest thing I have seen in years. Trying to solve such difficult problems at fiveam in the morning was great good job guys keep it up

11/13/01 - 16:16:08 GMT

NameJosé Busquets Poveda LocationBarcelona(Spain)

Me gusta vuestra Web, como no? José Busquets Poveda. Un saludo. Mensa/TNS

11/02/01 - 13:56:11 GMT


I agree with many of the people who have responded about the audacity of saying these people are among the six most intelligent people in the world. At best, what they have is IQ's in the top six in the world (which isn't the same as intelligence). Whether or not Marilyn vos Savant scored higher than them isn't important in that particular test, but I bet her scores on high-ceiling IQ tests would average higher than probably anyone else. Once you're in the high-IQ arena (160+, maybe even 150+, which I by no means am), I have the opinion that your high IQ is more a measure of how well you did on a test than on your actual intelligence. I think that the fact that both members of Giga scored perfect on the NUMBERS subtest of the Test for Genius shows that they probably can't get perfect scores on the entire test, and the likelihood they can reproduce >=196 on any other test is low. Don't get me wrong. These people are probably brilliant (and I say probably meaning, in Coojimans words about ESP, beyond a reasonable doubt), but this score at best to me indicates that they are in the high intelligence category (99.9%). Beyond that, though, who can say who's most intelligent? I believe that actual real-world intelligence (not achievement that only a few attain) can be measured. How fast does it take these people to master subjects (history, political science, economics, mathematics, for example), learn languages, master craftsmanship that deals with the hands (woodworking, metal working, etc.), and abilities in professions that are typically held by intelligent people (law, medicine, engineering, even real estate - how good are they at business?) Actual ability in such areas, and many more, show real intellectual intelligence. Maybe confidence and other qualities associated with emotional intelligence limit peoples' development to some degree who are otherwise genuises, but for normal people it shouldn't limit their potential much at all. Great achievements aside, which come as a result of persistence, hard work, creativity, luck, often high specialization, and inspiration, these people should be real geniuses. That's all I ask, and even given that, it's dubious that they're one in a billion. Case in point, I met someone who scored a 1600 on the SAT and 36 on the ACT. His real intelligence is what impressed me, however. If he had scored high on these tests without real intellect, I wouldn't have thought he was really so brilliant. I've said a mouthful, so that's my two-cents worth.

10/29/01 - 09:36:05 GMT


Paul, You don't know what you are talking about. Feynman didn't score anywhere NEAR the ceiling on the S-B. He scored around 90-95th percentile. Those of you thinking unsupervised powertests measure anything other than persistence are seriously fooling yourselves. I would be surprised if the average IQ of Mega members was much above 125.

10/29/01 - 07:39:06 GMT

NameHan Lyu Locationkorea

I wanna be your member. And I believe I can. Give me a chance. please send me a mail.. I'll be waiting.. Have a nice day...

10/26/01 - 12:07:55 GMT

NamePaul Cooijmans URL LocationLieshout

On standard tests Feynman had no chance to score much higher than he did. Such tests do not discriminate at high levels, so mentioning such scores here is irrelevant. On a test with higher ceiling he would obviously have scored higher. See link for tests. And you know nothing of achievements of current IQ society members. You cannot judge them before their lives are history.

10/22/01 - 11:04:51 GMT

NameMike Davidson LocationCalifornia

Durgin's favorite 20th century physical scientist, Richard Feynman, certainly would not have qualified for your society. His IQ was measured to be a mere 120 in high school (I don't know which test was used). Yet, no Giga, Mega, or Prometheus member even comes close to his accomplishments. I would like to hear your thoughts on that.

10/21/01 - 04:44:35 GMT

NameCheshire Cat LocationWonderland

Hey Paul! I finally signed the new guest book! Let me know when you read this. :)

10/20/01 - 01:48:50 GMT

NameAxel Hobson LocationUtah, USA

Ok, so, obviously I'm not that smart. I tried to enter a signature once, but I think I got it right this time. Ok, the site is cool, but reading the info about the members, I wasn't too impressed. It makes me feel much better knowing that even the most intelligent people in the world are just as odd as I am in my likes, dislikes, and hobbies. Good luck in your endevours. (I hope I spelled that right)

10/17/01 - 09:16:38 GMT


oh, it was the deep yearning inside kain !!

10/08/01 - 19:40:58 GMT


why the helld you write that jane.

10/07/01 - 20:46:28 GMT


power without perception is pointless what if mankind were offered the technology to traverse the infinite void-trillions of light years in what would seem to us a moment in our perception of reality-what a great power that would be---but are we ready for such?either way I must make a decision one fine day--to unveil betwixt enchanted skys of old the fortune of the twilit night.undaunted by the the length of space time ringing there within my ear sublime i see the light itis a wonder-full of awe --------engage.

10/04/01 - 05:29:28 GMT

NameRoger Pemberton LocationAustin, Texas, USA

I have above average intelligence(141) and I feel as though I know no more about our existence than my five year old niece. Do you(Giga members) feel as though you have been able to find truth in correct proportion to your intellectual abilities relative to everyone else?
Did you ever fret over not being able to figure it out? Do you still? What makes you feel good? Do you know why? Regarding mate selection, did(do) you require a mate of substantial IQ or do you just need to be loved? How smart are your kids?
I hope you will be kind enough to answer these questions. I would understand if you find them intrusive and decline to answer. God bless

10/03/01 - 06:14:26 GMT

NameEvariste Galois LocationCalifornia

Hi... I arrive here from measa's board. And...I had good sightseeing.
My real name is Ji-hye Kim.. Yes..I'm Korean. I love stars at night sky... I also like numbers.^^;;
I'm happy with them... But..sometimes... I'm in sad temper... There is the truth.. "God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb." ^^* I really don't like my manic-depressive psychosis.
By now!! I'll be here next time~
::+:The world isn't as beautiful as stars but has same warm:+::

10/02/01 - 19:17:36 GMT

NameAnson LocationDC, USA

Paul Cooijmans, you are really hot. Is that picture really old? My IQ is like 175, but I have no atention span so I can't use it very well. Here's a question that I've always wanted to ask a genius: What does gravity smell like?

10/02/01 - 04:30:04 GMT

NameEsther LocationMinnesota

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Luciferius, There is a God, and there is pain. And only God can take away the pain.

10/02/01 - 04:22:57 GMT

NameEsther LocationMinnesota

Cool, the site could be better though, it's a little boring, I do like the personal info though, that's always fun to read. I can't imagine how boring it would be to have an IQ that high, I get extrememly bored with mine, and mine is pretty low, 148. Heck, I think more average people think slow, it must seem like others are at a stand still to you.

09/24/01 - 21:11:58 GMT

NameLuciferius LocationPortugal

There is no god, only Pain.

09/19/01 - 22:39:32 GMT

NameEric Stone LocationUnited States, Florida

Hello, I arrived at your link on the ron hoeflin page of uncommonly difficult iq tests. I saw giga and couldnt believe that there was a one in a billion society. But you have created one. How many members do you have now? I only see three on your website. Has maryln vos savant taken your test, because i had the understanding that she has the highest IQ ever tested. Could i possibly get a sample of some of the questions you ask on your admission test? Well i was just inquiring. I know i have no chance of ever being a member. I was just curious. Thanks Eric Stone

09/17/01 - 13:31:39 GMT


is it cool being brainy?

09/15/01 - 01:51:51 GMT


I am in awe of your abilities. Dont ever take them for granted, stay humble, and be true to yourselves. Remember few people are so lucky.

09/13/01 - 00:36:17 GMT

NameTim LocationUSA

Maybee Paul, you can use your gift to help the world in bringing resolve to the recent crisis that took place in New York. Maybee in code breaking for the NSA, or intelligence work for the cia, or maybee just a philosophical overview summing up the latest crisis in a historical perspective, or maybee you could write some of the most powerful and expressive music for the ears of the people of the world.

09/10/01 - 21:00:35 GMT

NameJ.J. LocationSpain

I have viewed these web; it is fascinating the world of the Best (Human) Intelligence; seeing the faces of people really clever, I feel closer to the final purpose of the Human been. By other side, to the Web maker, I would advise not to use blue color over blue back. ( It's only a joke, thanks).

09/08/01 - 02:30:40 GMT


sorry one other thing, in my experience the 'dumb shits', as some self proclaimed dumb shit commented below, won't ever get around to exacting 'revenge' (what do we want 'revenge', why do we want it 'don't know' when do we want it 'now'), they'll all be too busy drinking beer and watching television.

09/08/01 - 02:24:05 GMT


strange reading these negative comments, people buy brands and magazines because somone proclaimed them as having outer beauty, whatever that may be. someone proclaims intelligence, and everyone gets defensive and irrate? and where on this site did they say they were better than anyone else? Those are your thoughts perhaps, not theirs.

09/02/01 - 22:08:11 GMT

Namedaffedy Locationwherever(and thats deep!)

Ur site is psychologically demorilizing. All we dumb shits are gonna exact revenge someday. Viva la dumbshit!

08/29/01 - 15:18:20 GMT

NameGirl LocationSouthern USA

Is there someplace I can go to exchange my "gift" of a 99.7 percentile IQ? It's OK, but I'd really rather look like Nichole Kidman.

08/24/01 - 04:30:55 GMT

NameHandsome Pete

if your all geniuses....then tell me this...why am i so handsome?

08/20/01 - 16:02:35 GMT

NameJustin LocationCanada

J : The thing to keep in mind is that infinity, by definition, is undefined. It makes no sense to speak of infinity as a definite or discrete point. A definition that adequately describes 'infinity' in the mathematical sense is the concept of 'increasing(decreasing) without bound'. As in your example, should the denominator get arbitrarily small, the quantity will get arbitrarily large; ie: increase without bound, or decrease should the value be negative. The curious thing about the 1/0 case is that it lies directly beween the extremes of "negative infinity" and "positive infinity" (in the case of the y=1/x) And so 1/0 lies in a mysterious realm that is equidistant from the extremities of the numberline(?) It would likely make some sense to place the quantity 1/0 in an orthogonal dimension (the Im axis?)where it can 'nicely' find its way from one end to the other. Hope this provided something to think about :-)
As for the Giga society, besides their scores on these tests, these members give no indication of 'genius' above any intelligent, well rounded person. The goal of "showing other HIQ societies that they're not all that" sounds like nothing but cerebral testosterone talk; you're stooping to Mensa levels with that one (na-na, we're smarter). The need to assign a number to your 'intelligence' is simply a sign of insecurity and lack of self confidence. The same as the bully who feels he needs to appear the strongest, though he is definitely not. I have taken a handfull of good IQ tests simply out of curiosity to see what constitutes 'intelligence' by IQ standards. I have never, however, revealed my scores to anyone, because it is both unneccesary and without purpose. Who cares how intelligent I am? My legacy will be one of accomplishment and contribution of something meaningful and postive to the evolution of mankind, and not a simple entry into the Guinness book for doing the best on elite tests written by the very people that excel at them.
Of course, Paul runs as well, which to me seems fitting to his personality. Running is quite a pointless and stupid sport; in line with lifting heavy things and american boxing. It does, however, give you a number score of how well you did that you can tell all your 'friends' about. I suggest that if you want to train your body in an intelligent way you seek out high level masters of internal Chinese martial arts and take up learing a complete system. No belts or grades to distract you from the task at hand, only relaxation, practice and concentration. No knee injuries, no sore back; it is all tuned to natural body mechanics and, when practiced properly, can give one fantastic health benefits and the physical power of several people despite having only average strength.
This is all not to say that the gigasociety has no intelligent members, as I'm sure they are all intelligent in their own right. I just see nothing extraordinarily above average. So pat yourselves on the back, fellows, but don't think there's not a long way to go yet.
Regards, Justin

08/17/01 - 15:25:58 GMT

NamePaul Cooijmans URL LocationLieshout

About Nobel Prize winners and their lower average IQs: Nobel Prizes are often awarded for political reasons. That someone receives a N.P. says nothing about his intelligence or achievement. That someone does not receive one says even less about his intelligence or achievement.

08/16/01 - 16:50:29 GMT

NameFive LocationIsrael

Hi - I've been at your site before. It's a great idea. Though the site lacks a bit of content. In any case, I don't know how valid your claims are to such high IQ, but I do know that those who blatantly accuse you of not having it are clearly jealous and have personal issues to deal with. IQ is just a measure of the efficiency and good design of someone's brain. No different than blood sugar levels. IQ is not a ticket to success - as Nobel prize comparisons indicate. As with everything to succeed you need to actually DO something and not sit on your ass feeling clever. For some reason some people have difficulty grasping this, and so view high IQ'ed people with suspician, as if these people were getting some free lunch or something. *end rant* :)

08/14/01 - 19:55:07 GMT

NameFrank Schubert LocationDenver, CO USA

I am interested in the idea of how the brain works and what makes a genius.

08/14/01 - 04:04:58 GMT


I would like to hear your thoughts on this. Please reply in the guestbook. Concerning the nature of the "undefined" relationship, that is a number of any variety divided by zero. Would you consider this value to be equal to infinity? Look at this line of reasoning:
and so on. Hypothetically, if the denominator were to reach zero, would the value of the entire expression be infinity? Or, if the denominator were to be negative, would the value become negative infinity? Feedback, please. I just want to hear what you think.

08/13/01 - 21:13:15 GMT

NameCarlos Hernandez LocationUSA

I think intelligence is based more on the creative power a person has. Studies have been made to test the IQ of several Nobel prizes and have found that their tests show just average intelligence... The greatest genius in history of mankind have transformed humanity in so many ways...

08/13/01 - 02:39:36 GMT

NameJason LocationCanada

I'm an 18 year old male, and I've scored over 190 on numerous IQ tests under supervised conditions - do I get to enter your elitist society? I've got a newflash for you: about a year ago I couldn't score over 170, and two years ago my IQ had dipped to an unacceptable 159 (all supervised tests, my friends). With minor visualization practice, I upped my score an 'impossible' amount in a very short period of time. Justify this, please.. Oh, that's right, ya can't. Why not? Because IQ scores are complete bull. I wish you the best in your ignorance, however.

08/08/01 - 08:07:53 GMT

NameVincent M. Ciotola LocationPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

This is a good site. You should consider adding a discussion forum, or rather, several of them; One for every subject. I love to discuss and argue scientific things with people of equal or superior intelligence. With an IQ of (only) 160, I find it hard to meet such people. You three certainly fit the bill, though, and I'd be glad to promote the site to draw more people to talk to.

08/03/01 - 08:56:45 GMT

NamePaul Cooijmans URL LocationLieshout

The Giga Society has 2 members. Tests to qualify are at the page mentioned above (mine). There are no known persons with Giga-level IQs apart from the current members. Childhood scores like that of Savant are not comparable to adult IQs with a standard deviation of 16 and not accepted for admission.

07/30/01 - 11:50:52 GMT

Nameleigh Locationuk

how many giants does it take to screw in a lightbulb? only 2 but god knows how they got in there

07/30/01 - 00:43:25 GMT



07/30/01 - 00:37:26 GMT



07/27/01 - 16:10:14 GMT


Two challenges: Decipher this code ejg;sdlgf:sleka:ml.
Riddle me this: If orchARD GRANGE IS OFF A7 WHAT IS THE CURE FOR INNER THIGH CHEESE! i HAVE AN IQ OF 197 is that good.

07/25/01 - 07:08:57 GMT

NameSamual Pool LocationAtl

I would like to propose the idea of dimensional thought. Eg? What is in the water and out of the water and is like pure gold?

07/24/01 - 19:19:58 GMT


Hmmmm. I'm curious about one thing. Have you ever asked Marilyn Vos Savant to join your society? She does have the worlds highest recorded IQ, after all. I believe her IQ is somewhere around 228. With her, you could have 4 members, so you'd only be missing the 2 from the unrepresented 2 billion people. You might want to contact her and see if she's interested. She has a column in Parade magazine, so you can write to her through that, I would guess.

07/22/01 - 10:18:27 GMT

Namejames Locationqueensland australia

Could you please reply with roughly how many members you have? I am curious how many members you have if 1 in a billion gets 197+ I am a mere child with 157, Hmmm, I may have to upgrade from mensa, don't want to be in 2% when I can be in .01% see you later

07/22/01 - 00:21:16 GMT

NameCátia Ferreira LocationLisbon, Portugal

Ok, I just a 15 years old girl, but a would like to have you intelligence, i know is just one person in a billion and i'm not that person. :( but if we can't have a 196 IQ, we can try be happy without that intelligence. eheheh Stay Well

07/14/01 - 16:12:51 GMT

NamePaul Cooijmans URL EmailSee my web site LocationLieshout

Qualifying for Giga is now also possible with the test "Logima Strictica 36", norm is IQ 196. A link to that test is on

07/13/01 - 11:40:09 GMT

NameSophia Locationwales

...damn, I'd hate you for being so damned smart... if you all didn't seem so cool. That picture of COOIJMANS was cute, DURGIN had so many interests I'd share and WOLF well, I love computers and RPG's. I'm just gonna assume IQ means nothing and hope, envy... stupid evil damn. Ah well, nothing much more I can do really. My dad'd like this site.

07/04/01 - 20:22:23 GMT

NameWill LocationAtlanta

Why don't you do a weekly brain teaser to generate interest in your web site?

06/20/01 - 04:04:30 GMT

NameWile E. Coyote LocationMadison, WI

Wile E. here again, Super Genius. Have I mentioned my little Nemesis setback? Ahh, there it is in the guestbook notes. Listen fellas, I have seen the "numbers" test. This test is for children (okay, smart children). Consider. You claim to be 196, yes? I challenge you to prove youselves truly worthy. Prove yourselves honorable men!! Take the Nemesis! Or, are you shiverring craven cowards of the lowest caliber? Suck it up and take a REAL TEST. Yours, Wile E.

06/19/01 - 00:25:51 GMT

NameWile E. Coyote LocationMadison, WI
Comments seems ol' Wile E. has hit a snag. The Nemesis test, which I dashed off between birds, was graded rather, er, let's just say, unsatisfactorily. I attibute this to the Test Itself, the Grading--probably my overly brilliant responses not fitting in to some rather rigid and automatic scoring. Certainly not my IQ that is the issue, as I am a many times over proven Super Genius. Hmmmm....Could it be that the test is subsidized by ACME??

06/16/01 - 19:04:10 GMT

NameJohn Stokes URL LocationSan Diego

Will check in now and then for insights

06/08/01 - 14:51:55 GMT

NameWile E. Coyote LocationMadison, WI

Allow me to introduce myself, Wile E. Coyote, Genius!!! I just love the way that rolls out...I'll be applying for membership soon. You tests look quite simplistic, and it should only be a few days until I'm able to finish one, or perhaps even all!! I look forward to meeting you to discuss perhaps the future of the ACME Corp., and...oops...excuse me, I have to chase my lunch now. Yours, Wile E.

06/05/01 - 17:34:04 GMT

NameEli Nelson LocationNew Orleans, LA, USA

Fascinating stuff, all of it. It is refreshing to be the monkey in the cage for a change. Thanks.

06/05/01 - 12:37:52 GMT

NamePaul Cooijmans URL EmailSee my web site LocationLieshout, Netherlands

Ah, a new guestbook - in the old one many useful things were written.

06/04/01 - 22:42:26 GMT

Nameweb master LocationGiga Society

Hi everybody! This is just a test entry for the guest book. Please ignore it!