Report fraud in qualifying for the Giga Society

The Giga Society

Do you know any offenders in high-range mental testing?

Because the Giga Society takes pride in a strict admission policy, it is appreciated if you notify the society of any fraud you are aware of. Examples of fraud as meant are:

  1. Unauthorized publication of admission tests and/or answers thereto;
  2. Spreading or selling admission test answers;
  3. Cheating in test-taking, either by Giga Society members or by other candidates, and for instance by:
    1. cooperation;
    2. using a false name;
    3. retesting;
    4. using test answers received or bought from a third party, found in publication, or obtained in any other way short of actually solving the problems oneself.

If possible, include proof of the offense you are reporting. If it concerns a major case and there is full proof, a small reward may be offered afterwards, at the discretion of the society. Your identity will be kept confidential. If you want to be certain of complete anonymity, use an electronic mail address that can not be traced back to you, or use regular mail without mention of the sender. A reward is of course not possible in case of complete anonymity, and be careful not to forget to enclose the proof you may have. Please worry not about being a telltale, squealer, or Judas; setting straight wrong done by others is a good and ethical thing to do. And to put your conscience at ease: No innocent will be harmed as a result of your information, and the offender will be kindly and humanely put to death[1]. We are not monsters. So hesitate no longer; send your notification and possible proof to the society's Psychometitor. The phenomenon of fraud in society admission and high-range I.Q. testing in general, incidentally, is also and delightfully dealt with in the novel Field of eternal integrity.


  1. Legally required disclaimer: This sentence contains irony and is not intended to constitute a threat in the judicial sense.