Letters of appreciation to the Giga Society

The Giga Society


Naturally, an exclusive organization like the Giga Society attracts attention and admiration. Below are samples from the tsunami of kind, praising messages that warm our heart every delightful day again as we are blessed to receive them:


The letters

It is hereditary

Greetings sir, I am [kindly removed]. Respectfully, my IQ is sufficient to apply for Mensa International, which I plan to do. I ask a favour aside from your friendship to instruct me in a way on how I can be as successful as you. It is a hereditary strain of intelligence for me, my mother is a genius as is my father.None of us match your extreme mental abilities, yet I still remain hopeful to one day, be the 1/1,000,000,000 of people to join Giga and call you collegue as well as friend. Best of luck and as you always must know, the world relies on people of our intellectual superiority to lead the masses, cure the sicknesses and save the planet

I would really like to take a test, my eloquence will help me through it!

ok,still no worm hole.how did i have that open to me last year.was i not an a associate member,or some reason for entering your worm hole.what was sent back to me was a L.S.i am one of them the smallest percent,of the highest on the planet.with no mind at all.p.cooijmans,you are not a member,yet you give me a test.i don`t take tests.i look for abstract ideas,to further our minds world.please check with one of the members.see if i canj be helpful,in the challenges before us all.
thank you

Requesting Membership entrance to Giga

Hello there my name is [kindly removed] and my I.Q score is infinity! Yeahh i am so smart :) I would like to join your fine organization.I am good friends with Bill Gates and i recently been working on time travel technology and researching alien technology.I am a member of the CIA and NSA Secret Service so you can say i know a lot since i am a secret agent.Ok i know my message seems really funny but honestly this is serious i am not joking around here! I do have a good sense of humor i tell you all that. Alright let me get serious now.I consider myself a major intellectual researcher and i enjoy doing scholarly work from time to time. I can communicate in over 6 Billion forms of communication of languages and i have what they call human calculator skills. Ever hear of the guys Kim Peek and Daniel Temmet? I am them times 1,000 to the tenth power basically. I always wondered why geniuses tend to be so loony in this world but i do admit it is really funny hahaha!Now more about me: I am a proud member of Mensa myspace international, Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, Chess Club, Cerebrals Society,Checkers Club and i have won 9 World Championships in various sports.I am ambidextrous and i speak 3 languages and write in 3 languages perfectly fluid and of course like i said before i am familiar with over 6 billion forms of communication techniques. I can speak any language i want and design any object and build any object i want completly from scratch which includes tvs, computers,radios,robots you name it i can do it all.I am a international grandmaster in checkers aka Mysterio Knight 577-0-0. I am also friends with theoretical physicist Stephen Hawkings. Oh yes i did forget one thing, i did write to Guinness World Records about my score but they did not believe me because they say what i can do is considered impossible to the human mind. I use 100 percent of my brain which includes my left and right side and i have photo graphic memory skills plugged in into my system thanks to evolutionary techniques i learned in the art of absorbing memory. I have done lots of research regarding some of the great minds of the past such as Newton,Einstein,Marx,Freud you name it. Well i be real glad to join you people so i can whip your behinds in checkers! (Joke) Ever see Borat? Hes my friend on myspace yeeeahh! I rock! Well thank you for your consideration i hope to joing your fine organization. Please note if you happen to be evil geniuses who plan to use this society in plans to take over the world i want no part of your club because you are all assholes.If you are not evil geniuses i will join your club and use the power for good. With great power comes great responsibility.Well thank you for anything or any openings you give me to your fine club.I am sure it will be a lot of fun i cant wait to join. Unless you all are evil geniuses who are all jealous of my amazing brain powers i hate you guys.Help Me Help You! Show me the Money! Show me the membership! Oh yes ever see the movie Good Will Hunting? I am just like Will only i am not crazy i swear i am the perfect genius evolved into the highest braniac super nerd state haha!

Giga, get with the times!

In the FAQ section, there's this strange request from some guy talking like he's out of a Charles Dickens novel that wants to marry a smart lady from your society, and he says that she can move in with him and they can see how it works, even if she's already married; Giga should remove that. It makes your society look bad that you even gave it the time of day. Why would any woman with an IQ of almost 200 want to do that? I'm sure a woman with an IQ that high has her own agenda. Even if it really is a frequently asked question, you should not advertise that, it's extremely creepy and will not make intelligent women want to join your society.

Giga, get with the times.


[kindly removed]

Giga Man

So, Mr. Giga Admin., what is your IQ?

I have a test for you!

You are IN-context. But meet me outside, in OUT-context. Then we talk.
Consciousness, here, is ment in the meaning of the philosophy of existance.
Mankind, does not have official positions; in this, meaning the absolute option.
Everything human is aware of, is of the unconsciousness magnitude.
Call it a secundary context, or level, or something like that.
So it is likely that there must be a primary context actually be present, and .. at work.
A primary context wherein -absolute- the normal way of going is.
We live likely in two contexts: a secundary, and a primary.
It is given, that we are not aware of the primary level of existance.
BUT, .... it is unimaginable complex to leave this IN-context, but this IS possible.
So there is one absolute given in the secundary context. Only ONE: the acceptation of living 100% unconscious, this results in an absolute -door- to consciousness.
This one door is THE one absolute given. I gave it the name: EXIT. (Copyright !)

Given is, that CERN results into 4% 'mattter-awareness', and that the astronomy results in 96% 'dark energy-/matter-awareness'. So, there is one hundred % nothing.
We only can transform what is, and this means: damned to live in meta-religion.
In this, god is an invention of the secundary context.

The underlaying thought of this, is that the consciousness science is not busy with science unconsciousness. The so called pre-patendburo.
But truly formed: unconsciousness science is trying to get grip on consciousness science. And that consciousness science must be present at the primary level, or in the primary context. In the secundary context human can come no further in it's development, it's only an expanding secundary "universe".

The magical words are: context, IN-context and OUT-context.
Every problem can be solved when human is able to leave the IN-context.
F.e. The present bankcrisis, cannot be solved by IN-context bank-personal.

[Nine and a half hours later he sent a second message, stating that the Giga Society had failed his test by not responding in time, and ordering the society's removal from the Internet.]

From a person of far humbler I.Q.

Your claim of being in the top billionth is extremely flawed. All 6 members appear to be from wealthy countries, as many poor countries would not have access to this. There would of course be just as many people in these places who could qualify and are grossly underrepresented. Then there are other great scientists like Stephen Hawking who could easily qualify for this. What I am getting at is that with all this in mind, if everyone in the world attempted to join, there would probably be around 30-40 people meeting the criteria for entry, thus proving your top billionth claim to be false. This brings into question your claims of such high intelligence as this seems a fairly obvious flaw to me, a person of far humbler IQ.

[This kind comment is dealt with under "The distribution of members over the continents" on Latest insights regarding the Giga Society.]

Please send me a test!



My english isn't very good, but still I would like to respond as if I have understood one word of your web site!

Dear Psychometitor

According to my humble ability of sensing the ***'d in words smell a tad too much like elitarianism!

"You can not join by simply listing your real-life achievements, diplomas and the like, ***even though you are of course of greater value to society because of those*** than you would be because of a high test score".

'Biased' or 'uniform' are some of the predicates that come into my mind; I'm danish, so my english isn't very good. I know that we (the majority of 'us') are just mere sheeple, but yet I have high hopes for humanity as such.

What signifies "a greater value to society"? And who is to be the judge of whether one has great or low value to the community? I do, from the bottom of my heart, hope that there will still exist sheeple with Down's Syndrome, when I am gone. It is a blessing that these humans are around.

Todays words: Mirror, Yin Yang, Duality, Diversity, Inspiration, Stupidity/Enlightenment........... Emptiness.

Looking forward to your speedy reply.

Yours sincerely and Godspeed,
[kindly removed]

I heard about your Giga Society. BOOM! Kool-Aide...

What's good, baby?

I'd like to know about your... organization? What is it that a group of six do? Why is the club so exclusive? How many requests have you gotten so far?

"Main goal of Giga Society is to reward high-scoring performers for their contribution to the study of the measurability of high intelligence"...

What the fuck?

Why reward someone for having brown hair?

Well done!

Thank you for the laugh I received by reading the Gigasociety website. First, I was laughing aloud at the test names. Then, I was marveling at the time you must have spent concocting your correlations and descriptions. When I got to "The Possible evolutionary Function of Inferiority" I was laughing aloud again and dragging my daughter to the computer.

I hope you get money from egotists who don't get the joke.


- [kindly removed]
(A bort amongst gemstones)