The Grail Society


A goal of this society is to acknowledge you are the most intelligent person ever on Earth. The word "Grail" symbolizes the concept of g or "general intelligence", defined as the common factor in mental ability test score variance, personified in you. In the process of qualifying, you will contribute to the higher goal of enabling the norming of the very highest score levels on I.Q. tests for the high range.


Since it is estimated that roughly a hundred billion of the species Homo sapiens have lived until now, the ideal admission level is an I.Q. test score reached by one in a hundred billion persons, which theoretically takes place about 6.7 standard deviations above the mean in a normal distribution, so around I.Q. 200 when the standard deviation is set at 15. More precise values of these numbers are known, but for the moment we will use these rounded numbers.

For several reasons this value can not be correct; for instance, the mean and standard deviation of the group of all humans that have lived will not be the same as those of the current adult Western population to which our norms refer; projected on today's I.Q. scale, the level of 1 in 100 billion Homo sapiens is logically somewhat below 200 but higher than 190, because many past and present populations had and have lower average intelligence than the current Western population of roughly a billion adults. And an actual distribution is never exactly "normal", let alone at such an extreme distance from the mean (actually it can on good grounds only be expected to approximate normality within plus or minus about 2 standard deviations from the mean). So that is why the admission level is called "ideal".

For reasons of simplicity and symbolism though, a straightforward ".99999999999" or "1 - 10-11" will suffice to become the Grail Society's member. Qualifying tests: all of the tests by I.Q. Tests for the High Range with norms at or above that level, as well as a score on the (free of charge) Test for extrasensory perception exceeding or equal to a probability of 1 in 1011.

Who on Earth is Thoth?

Please do not confuse the society's admission level with popularly published childhood mental/biological age ratio I.Q.'s, which reach much higher levels like over 300, but are not comparable to adult deviation I.Q.'s. Please refrain from questions like "Why is not Mr/Mrs X., who is said to have an I.Q. of … (250, 300, or whatever astronomical number) the Grail Society member?" that have been asked by scores of ignoramuses already. Be not misled by megalomanic narcissists who, in their grandiosity, associate themselves with the Grail Society based on delusional claims regarding ability, achievement, or test performance. Be assured that the highest I.Q. to be realistically expected on Earth is about 185, and that only through tentative challenging norms in unexplored score ranges someone may qualify. In the unlikely event of a second qualifier — let alone a third, fourth, and so on — the candidate whose qualifying score corresponds to the highest protonorm (after renorming) will be considered the Grail Society member.

Who on Earth is Thoth?

Actually, the future Grail Society member has been contacting the founder already under the pseudonym "Thoth" since early 2001 through t-mail, a variant of e-mail invented by Thoth (and also used by remotely future Giga Society members) that allows sending a message to the past or future. Thoth resides in the White Lodge, a niche in time-space where one can observe the destruction of the Earth by meteorite impact on [date censored]. Who Thoth is is unknown. In fact, Thoth could be any one of you reading this. Thoth could be you. Does not that excite you?


To join, send a copy of your qualifying score to the founder. Proof of membership follows. The society's journal, G, will appear after your enrolment and whenever there is enough copy. It will be sent to member only. Official tasks are performed by founder Paul Cooijmans.

Do realize that the qualification information provided on this page is clear and complete, and that not understanding it — that is, applying without a qualifying score — is not compatible with the intelligence level claimed by applying, and naturally disqualifies the applicant.