Web-based t-mail interface

The Giga Society


Future Giga Society members, intelligent as they are, will unravel the enigma of time transmission and invent t-mail, a variant of e-mail that allows the sending of messages through time. In their infinite kindness they will send a web-based t-mail interface backward in time for use on the Giga Society web site, so that visitors can send their comments or questions. If the future members consider your message worthy, they may display it with their possible reply on the future Giga Society web site. Does not that excite you? State-of-the-art early twenty-second century technology will make it possible to mirror the relevant page on the present web site, so do keep in mind that what you enter below (including the "From:" field) may appear on this web site.


T-mail message composer

Avoid abbreviations, contemporary idiomatic expressions and the like, as most of those have long been forgotten when your message arrives. Also, if asking, send only one question at a time (and wait until a possible reply appears before asking a possible next), and include no assumptions in the question. The proper treatment of assumptions is explained splendidly by the Psychometitor. In general, send one message at a time and wait until a possible reply appears before sending a possible next; possible second and further messages are discarded. Oh, and the "From:" field requires a proper t-mail address, as one will experience.