Young and Intelligent?

Initiative by Paul Cooijmans
Start: October 13 2003

E-mail forum and more

Occasionally I am contacted by apparently intelligent teenagers (age range: 13-19) who ask me if I know other very intelligent persons of about their age who might be willing to communicate with them. In an attempt to help, I hereby invite those who fit this profile to join the Yahoo group GliaWeb Young and Intelligent, that I started in January 2008, after a message board for the same purpose that had existed for several years but was used very little had disappeared.

There are no I.Q. requirements as I have no way of assessing intelligence in teenagers with sufficient reliability and accuracy. It is required to be 19 or younger at the time of registration, and by joining you certify that.

As an incentive for joining, members of the group can if desired take one of my intelligence tests for free, the name of which is mentioned in the group's welcome message.